Markerless Tracking

3D and 2D motion analysis - In the shortest time and markerless


We offer unique markerless tracking

The new modelling software makes the collection of biomechanical data even easier. An integrated neural network captures markerless images from different angles, synchronises them and creates a precise model. The complete elimination of markers opens up a multitude of new possibilities for your movement analyses.

  • No preparations on the test person
  • Non-contact and fast Motion analysis
  • Real-time analysis or post-processing
  • Integration of force plates and EMG
  • Proven support from prophysics

Vicon Markerless Tracking 3D with Theia Software

Contemplas Markerless Tracking 3D with Theia Software

Contemplas Markerless Tracking 2D

How does markerless tracking work?

Markerless Tracking 3D

prophysics - Grafik 3D-Markerless Tracking

Record any number of videos and do not use markers. We are happy to supply you with our tried and tested video cameras from Vicon or Contemplas. Theia can take over the captured data directly and start processing immediately.

The measurement result is automatically exported to the Vicon Nexus or Contemplas software for biomechanical analysis and reporting. The software supports you both in setting up the cameras and in post-processing the calculated 3D movement data.

Markerless Tracking 2D

prophysics - Grafik 3D-Markerless Tracking

Capture your customers or patients markerless while walking or running and benefit from intelligent and fast data collection and evaluation. Save valuable analysis time and gain measurement accuracy. With a single click, the processed tracking data of the recorded analysis is displayed.

Evaluate the automatically generated joint angles and evaluate the motion trajectories of the anatomical reference points, which are overlaid with the video image. The customisable dashboard provides exciting reports for your clients/patients and your referring physicians within seconds.

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