Federal Office of Sport BASPO

The BASPO in Magglingen promotes sport and physical activity in Switzerland. Because this has positive, useful and necessary role in society. BASPO is a service, education and training centre for Swiss sport. It is also a sports science competence centre that develops optimal conditions for sports facilities of national importance.

Within the BASPO, the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen EHSM conducts research and development in the interests of sports associations, cantons and the federal government. Working closely with these stakeholders has significant benefits. Thus, research and development issues are based on practice-oriented concerns. Furthermore, the resulting services correspond to the latest state of knowledge and are optimally adapted to the needs of the stakeholders.

prophysics AG acts as a technical partner in the area of sports-specific movement analyses and research. This includes looking after a part of the system that is in daily use. With this, athletes are analysed, assessed and trained over several years.

Recommended Products

Optojump Next is an optical measurement and analysis system which opens up new possibilities to assess and optimize performance in sport. Easy to use for jumping, sprinting and running analysis, Optojump Next makes it easy to measure and document the development of your athletes accurately and objectively.

The Witty GATE Photo Sensors have an integrated transmission system with a range of 150 metres, and is therefore an extremely reliable solution for your timing needs. Furthermore, Witty SEM consists of a LED matrix that can display symbols and colours, and which has a built-in proximity sensor. This can be used to set up a training session focussing on optimal planning, agility and motor-cognitive abilities.

Vantage is Vicon’s flagship range of cameras. The sensors have resolutions of 5, 8 and 16 megapixels, with sample rates up to 2000Hz – this allows you to capture fast movements with very high accuracy. The cameras also have built-in temperature and bump sensors, as well as a clear display, to warn you if cameras have moved physically or due to thermal expansion. High-powered LEDs and sunlight filters mean that the Vantage is also the best choice for outdoor use and large volumes.

Source: BASPO

Project Horse Jump in Artistic Gymnastics

The BASPO’s Sport Physiology Strength unit researches in particular in particular physiological aspects in the thematic triangle of performance, training process and competition requirements in explosively powerful sports in competitive sport. This involves research into the development and validation of new, mostly sport-specific performance testing methods in the areas of strength and speed.

With the help of the Vicon 3D motion capture system, the analysis of kinetic (flight altitude and distance, speed, acceleration) and kinematic parameters (forces, translational and rotational energy). In connection with physical prerequisites (explosive strength, reactive strength, speed) on the horse jump in artistic gymnastics, the analysis can be assessed in detail.

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