What are your requirements?

  • Do you need a motion capture system for use in biomechanics, to record and analyse the movements of either humans or animals?
  • Would you like the motion to be measured in 3D with very high accuracy and do you need synchronized integration of other measurement devices and with fully automated processing?
  • Are there many groups or people at your site that need access to motion capture and movement analysis, perhaps in different rooms/laboratories or even outdoors?


What solutions do we offer?

  • Our core motion capture technology is from Vicon, the world’s leading manufacturer. These systems are suitable for capture volumes of practically all sizes – from only a few centimetres to the size of a sports hall – and for almost all applications where 3D measurement of motion is of interest.
  • The Vicon system is able to record data with very high accuracy – typically 1mm or better for positional data – and with a frequency of up to 2000Hz, which ensures that even very fast movements can be accurately recorded and analysed.
  • The software has been developed with efficiency in mind, both in terms of learning how to use it and in terms of daily workflow. To this end, the software lets you configure everything, whether it is your system settings, the layout of windows or a specific processing procedure, to be activated from a single-click button or menu.
  • … feel free to have a look at the FAQ at the bottom of this page for more answers!


Prof. Bill Taylor, Head of the Movement Biomechanics Laboratory

„Very quick support for general and specific technical questions about the measuring hardware and software. Prophysics always finds an individually suitable solution, such as the possible use of raw channels, floating licence issues or outdoor measurements.“

Prof. Thomas Schack, Head of Neuro- cognition and Movement – Biomechanics

„The friendly and competent support from prophysics is central. Prophysics, which also ensures that research operations can be continuously maintained in the event of technical problems.“

Prof. Cristóbal Curio, Head of the Cognitive Systems Research Group

„A pleasant team with friendly and competent support. Prophysics helped us to optimise interfaces with other suppliers.“

Are you interested in a demo or do you need more information?

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Indoor 3D motion lab

The Vicon system lets you perform everything from very simple to highly complex analyses of 3D motion in humans, animals or objects – in measurement volumes ranging from just a few cubic centimeters to a sports hall. You can complement the measurements by integrating other measurement technologies such as force plates or EMG.


CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation ENvironment) is a versatile, multi-sensor-based analysis and training device for capturing human movement. Thanks to a customizable VR environment, analyses and training can be done under strictly controlled conditions.

Outdoor Motion Capture

Vicon Vantage cameras are equipped with specific filters that remove sunlight – this enables 3D motion capture to take place outdoors, even on very bright days. Furthermore, setup is easy since each camera requires only one cable that carries both signals and powers from a centrally powered switch.

2D Motion Analaysis

The CONTEMPLAS motion analysis System enables the investigation of complex questions. Highly dynamic motion can be repeated, viewed and analyzed in slow motion from different perspectives via synchronized high-speed videos.

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In addition to consulting, training and support, we also offer individual services, such as the planning of your project or the creation of customized clinical models and reports.

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How many cameras do I need to track the movements I am interested in?

The three biggest factors influencing the number of cameras are the size of your capture volume, the chance of cameras’ views being blocked (occlusions) and the complexity of the motion itself. Whereas two cameras are enough to capture motion from one side, a minimum of six cameras are typically required for a full-body human data capture. For big volumes and complex movements, adding cameras will always improve accuracy, ease of processing and efficiency – which is why the Vicon system supports dozens, and in special cases even hundreds, of cameras.

Can I use the systems outdoors?

The Vicon Vantage cameras have built-in filters that are specially designed to filter out natural sunlight – which means that they can be used even on the sunniest day in the sunniest country on earth.

How can I synchronize the data from my force plates, EMG or other measurement systems I have?

There are two ways of integrating data from other measurement devices – digital and analog. If the device has an analog output, this can be wired directly to the Vicon Lock+ analog input, and will be sampled 100% synchronously with the 3D data. Some devices (e.g. AMTI/Kistler force plates and myon EMG) have digital plug-ins for Vicon, which means that the data can be streamed through the normal digital interface (e.g. USB) into the Vicon recording software.

How long does a measurement session last?

This depends on what results you wish to obtain at the end! The number of markers you need in order to derive your results, and how difficult it is to place these, is nowadays the main thing that requires time. Once marker placement is complete, the measurement session can start. The software can visualize many interesting results in real time, and if you need to record data, the processing of the data to calculate the results takes only a few seconds. Whether you need to generate a patient-specific report with clinically valid data or whether you need to measure dozens of subjects for a research project, the automatic processing will save you many hours of manual work.

How complex and time-consuming is the installation and start-up phase for a new system?

One of our main tasks is actually to ensure that the installation and training on how to use hardware and software happens efficiently and smoothly. The installation itself can take anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on the size and environment. Afterwards, we train relevant staff in how to use the system, focussing on tasks relevant for the application. Normally, a system can be used for routine recording as soon as the training has ended.

What biomechanical models does the Software support?

Vicon software comes with a selection of ready-to-use biomechanical models, including the Conventional Gait Model (also known as the Helen Hayes Model, the Davis/Kadaba Model or the Plug-in Gait model), the Cleveland Clinic model and the Oxford Foot Model. However, we also offer software that enables you to create your own models using a graphical user interface, or you can directly integrate with MATLAB and Python to either use existing or to develop your own models.

Can I implement my own algorithms to process my motion captured data?

The Vicon software has a direct integration with MATLAB and Python, which means that data can be exchanged with these script languages without having to be imported/exported via a data file. This again means that you can implement your own algorithms – for example a specific filter – and then use it routinely as part of the fully automatic processing.

Can I also record kinematic, kinetic and muscle activity data synchronously and generate a report containing the results I need?

We are able to integrate all relevant measurement devices such as force plates and EMG, in addition to reference video and even eye tracking. Data from all recording devices are synchronously recorded, and you can generate reports that show all relevant results interactively, based on templates that makes the process take only seconds. We are able to help you customize the report template so that it fits your requirements.