Vicon STT Reporting
with 3DMA

Versatile analysis protocols
and reports with one click


Prophysics offers unique reporting for Vicon users

STT Systems 3DMA biomechanical analysis software offers versatile analysis protocols and makes report generation even easier.

Whether it’s a quick gait analysis for everyday clinical use, a running analysis on the treadmill or a bike fitting for ambitious cyclists – with 3DMA, movement analyses can be created quickly and in a user-friendly manner. In addition, data from EMG and force plates can be analysed and visualised in the software.

  • Predefined marker sets and reports
  • Real-time 3D visualisations
  • Auto-labelling from Vicon Nexus or Tracker
  • Meaningful graphs
  • Integration of force plates and EMG
  • Proven support from prophysics

Gait 3DMA

Cycling 3DMA

Running 3DMA

What do 3DMA's reports offer?


prophysics – 3DMA Cycling

Comprehensive analysis for bike and road | Optimised power transmission through better position | Targeted elimination of complaints


prophysics – 3DMA Cycling

Comprehensive display of the relevant parameters | Analysis of the four stroke phases | Racket position in space


prophysics – 3DMA Cycling

Record and display clinically relevant parameters in the shortest possible time | Biofeedback through real-time visualisation


prophysics – 3DMA Cycling

LowerBody and FullBody model on the treadmill or Overground | Detailed step parameters | Reporting with easy-to-understand diagrams



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