Motion is our Passion!

Our team consists of motion capture experts with broad experience from the fields of biomechanics, sport sciences, engineering and software development.

We are inspired by collaborating with clinicians, researchers, engineers, animators and other professionals that always challenge us to find new and better solutions to address their motion capture applications. Our varied expertise enables us to optimize your system to fit your individual requirements, even if this involves developing customized solutions that integrate new devices and technologies.

We hope that you will take advantage of our experience in helping hundreds of users find the right equipment, training and support for their motion capture needs. To this end, we have a fully equipped motion capture room which we use daily for demonstrations and training as well as testing and development. We look forward to welcoming you – when would you like to come?

Our team

prophysics - Admin Maddalena Renga

Maddalena Renga

prophysics - Admin Carmen Trösch

Carmen Trösch-Curschellas

prophysics - Geschäftsleitung Heinz Lüscher

Heinz Lüscher

Finance, Personnel and IT
prophysics - Geschäftsleitung Florian Ullrich

Florian Ullrich

General Manager
prophysics - Marketing Alessio Di Santo

Alessio Di Santo

prophysics - Sales Yves Hess

Falko Eckardt

Managing Director GmbH | Technical Sales Manager
prophysics - Sales Fabian Bleiker

Fabian Bleiker

Technical Sales Manager
prophysics - Sales Yves Hess

Yves Hess

Technical Sales Manager
prophysics - Support Martin Löhrer

Martin-Scott Löhrer

Support Engineer
prophysics - Support René Hecht

René Hecht

Support Engineer
prophysics - Support Andrea Wertli

Andrea Wertli

Support Engineer
prophysics - Support Erwin Schweizer

Erwin Schweizer

Support Engineer
prophysics - Support Raphael Ruch

Raphael Ruch

Support Engineer

Our Expertise

Motion analysis / Motion capture

We offer customized services such as optimizing the data processing workflow, creating special biomechanical models and reports, and integrating 3rd party software via programmable interfaces.

Clinical Research / Rehabilitation

Our experience from working with different research groups and applications enable us to support the implementation of your own ideas for clinical protocols and reports. Furthermore, we can on request develop applications or plug-ins to make your data collection more efficient,

Sports / Performance Diagnostics

Our experience working with coaches, elite athletes and other sports professionals enables us to provide streamlined systems for movement analysis and performance diagnostics. We understand that you wish to focus on the sport and not the technology.

Gait and running analysis

From planning the laboratory, through installation, training and daily support - we are ready to help you every step on the way. Our support engineers, speaking fluent English as well as German, are always ready to assist.

Object Tracking / Engineering

From specifying the system configuration that meets your accuracy and latency requirements, through to installation, training and daily support - our experts are ready to assist, even with technical aspects such as integrating the data stream into your own software.

Animation / Virtual Reality

An optimized system and software workflow are essential in order to streamline the data capture and processing. Our experts can help you save valuable time both on set and in post production.

Switzerland (DE, AT)

Prophysics AG, Schaffhauserstrasse 121, CH-8302 Kloten

Telefon +41 44 315 15 90

Sweden (Nordic)

Prophysics SOL, Jungmansv. 3, 243 35 Höör, Sweden

Telefon +46 413 260 60