Clinical gait analysis for different patient groups

The gait and movement analysis laboratory at BGU Murnau is used to examine Patients after work and commuting accidents after the acute phase or during rehabilitation. Clinical gait analysis is an important tool in the assessment of incomplete paraplegic injuries, after amputations of the lower extremity, in neurological gait disorders, in foot surgery and in orthopaedic questions. The integration of the gait laboratory into the clinic, the good interdisciplinarity within the institute and the permanent possibility of exchange with the doctors represent ideal conditions for the contribution of gait analysis to the positive healing process of the patients at the BGU Murnau.

Empfohlene Produkte

Vantage is Vicon’s flagship range of cameras. The sensors have resolutions of 5, 8 and 16 megapixels, with sample rates up to 2000Hz – this allows you to capture fast movements with very high accuracy. The cameras also have built-in temperature and bump sensors, as well as a clear display, to warn you if cameras have moved physically or due to thermal expansion. High-powered LEDs and sunlight filters mean that the Vantage is also the best choice for outdoor use and large volumes.

The Cometa Pico (EMG) sensors are small, light-weight and have on-board storage to allow measurements in the field. Easy to attach and easy to charge, the long battery life, the high signal-to-noise ratio and the wireless range are other features that make the aktos the best EMG system on the market today.

The Optima is the flagship among force plates. The patented calibration technology guarantees the highest possible accuracy across the entire surface of the plate – ideal for gait analysis, biomechanical research and other applications where the highest quality data is essential.

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