Research focus at the Chair of Sport and Technology

In recent years, the use of technology in sport has become increasingly important both nationally and internationally. In this context, the goals in the application of modern technologies in sports science take on a broad spectrum. Our main concern at the Chair of Sport and Technology is to perceive the latest findings and technologies from the engineering sciences and computer science and to apply them competently in sports science. This should help in gaining knowledge and ultimately in the development of new or improved devices and methods. In particular, we deal with topics such as:

  • Use of virtual reality for sports science and practical sports issues
  • Indoor and outdoor movement analysis for competitive sports
  • Gait analysis for patients
  • Evaluation of diagnostic equipment
Recommended Products

Shogun has been designed for the requirements and workflow of VFX/Entertainment users. The focus is to save time, and this is achieved by doing as much in real time as possible. To this end, Shogun introduces unique features such as real time actor calibration, automatic recovery of bumped cameras and unbreakable solving – the latter enables you to get a good skeletal solve even when a high proportion of markers is occluded, which again minimizes clean-up time afterwards.

Blue Trident is the newest wearable product from Vicon. The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) convinces with high reliability and three times faster data download speed. The lightweight sensor enables instant real-time measurements and performance analysis on site. In addition, Blue Trident is completely waterproof (IP68) and is therefore suitable for all weather recordings, underwater treadmills and swimming.

The Cometa Pico (EMG) sensors are small, light-weight and have on-board storage to allow measurements in the field. Easy to attach and easy to charge, the long battery life, the high signal-to-noise ratio and the wireless range are other features that make the aktos the best EMG system on the market today.Video camera on the industry. VICON's reference video camera provides 100% synchronous video image overlay with 3D marker data. Vue is easily compatible with the Vantage and Vero cameras and can be calibrated together in a single operation. With full HD resolution, Vue brings the sharpest video image to your motion capture volume.

The versatile analytical laboratory

The sports diagnostics, gait analysis and virtual reality laboratory was continuously supplemented by prophysics AG with various measuring instruments and software. Today our equipment consists of a total of 22 infrared and 2 video cameras from Vicon. In addition, we have 4 IMUs from Vicon and a Cometa and Myon EMG system. The corresponding ground reaction forces caused during walking are measured with 3 AMTI force plates and later used to calculate the joint load.

The data recording of the measuring instruments is sports diagnostics and gait analysis with the Vicon Nexus and Tracker programmes. For virtual reality applications, the Vicon Shogun software supports us.

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