Freedom from pain and injury in leisure, sport and work

NUMO specialises in clinical, instrumented human gait analysis with a focus on the visualisation, interpretation and elimination of mechanical dysfunctions of the body.

Freedom from pain and injury in leisure, sport and work are the focus of NUMO. The motivated team of orthopaedic technicians, biomechanics and sports and movement scientists uses state-of-the-art technical laboratory equipment for running and gait analyses. Comprehensive counselling and care also includes consultation with doctors and physiotherapists.

In order to improve the gait pattern of patients in the long term, NUMO also offers comprehensive care in the areas of sports, medical care and technical orthopaedics, in addition to analyses and shoe insole care.

Recommended products

The compact Vero cameras have sensor resolutions of either 1.3 or 2.2 megapixels. The camera has a variable zoom lens, which makes it especially suited for smaller capture volumes where it is especially important to have an optimum field of view. The Vero’s attractive price combined with its light weight and small size makes it a great choice for smaller labs and studios.

The Running Analysis module allows you to assess the posture and movement of a runner based on video recordings. Similarly the clinical Gait Analysis module allows you to calculate important clinical parameters based on the video analysis as well as integrated force, pressure or EMG-measurements, and then to quantify and document your results in a report.

OptoGait ensures an objective evaluation of data for injury prevention and rehabilitation. It assesses performance, identifies muscular deficits and, based on the test results, creates individual and diversified rehabilitation and training programmes. OptoGait provides doctors, therapists and researchers with a very affordable high-tech laboratory.

Special project NUMO

The latest development at NUMO consists of a 35-metre sprint track with 14 integrated infrared and high-speed cameras as well as 20,000 pressure sensors integrated into the floor. This track can be used barefoot as well as with running shoes or even nail shoes. This set-up is unique in Switzerland. Thanks to this high-tech equipment, the NUMO team can not only detect malpositions and problems in the execution of movements, but also work with the athletes on optimising their running technique.

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