Swiss Tennis

The size of the federation, its tradition, the sporting successes externally and the professionalism externally and internally make Swiss Tennis one of the leading national sports federations. This leadership position brings responsibility and obligations: Towards the players, the members, towards employees, donors and towards society.

Internationally successful athletes are an important promoter for junior and grassroots sport. By creating the best possible conditions, Swiss Tennis promotes the optimal performance development of the top players and, with the national teams, strives for permanent membership among the best 16 nations in the world.

Prophysics plays a role as a technical partner in the area of athletic training and looks after some of the systems that are used on a daily basis. This allows the athletes to be analysed, assessed and observed over several years.

Recommended Products

Optojump Next is an optical measurement and analysis system which opens up new possibilities to assess and optimize performance in sport. Easy to use for jumping, sprinting and running analysis, Optojump Next makes it easy to measure and document the development of your athletes accurately and objectively.

The Witty GATE Photo Sensors have an integrated transmission system with a range of 150 metres, and is therefore an extremely reliable solution for your timing needs. Furthermore, Witty SEM consists of a LED matrix that can display symbols and colours, and which has a built-in proximity sensor. This can be used to set up a training session focussing on optimal planning, agility and motor-cognitive abilities.

The web-based brain training BrainHQ is based on the well-founded results of years of research and transforms them directly into specific training exercises. Not only competitive athletes but everyone benefits from the integration into motor training with the Witty traffic lights.

Swiss Tennis – National Performance Centre

The Swiss Tennis National Performance Centre is a successful, competent and internationally oriented tennis centre and school in Biel.

All factors relevant to the tennis player (endurance, strength, speed, agility and coordination skills) are trained by the fitness coaches. The athletic trainers are also responsible for the implementation and development of performance tests in tennis and training-accompanying interventions with the test material, which is obtained and supervised by prophysics.

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