Institute for Sports Science – Department of Training and Movement Sciences

Our research focuses on the interaction of the neural and musculoskeletal systems, their adaptation through mechanical loading and their influence on human performance, movement control and movement safety.

The focus is on quantifying the neuro-biomechanical potential of human and to investigate its influence on locomotion in everyday life and in sport. With this in mind, the department is also researching the role of sporting activity in preventing injuries and maintaining quality of life in people in the elderly or with chronic illnesses.

Recommended products

The Vantage series represents the flagship of Vicon. The choice ranges from 5 MP to 8 MP and 16 MP cameras at capture rates of up to 2000 Hz. Various onboard sensors facilitate the daily work with the system. For outdoor shots, large recording volumes and particularly fast movements, these cameras are the first choice.

The Cometa picoEMG system convinces with its simple handling, the compact design, the long battery life and the optional on-board memory. These features make the system flexible for use in the laboratory or in the field.

The Optima force plate is the top product among the AMTI force plates. The patented calibration technology guarantees high accuracy over the entire platform surface, taking the next step in biomechanical and gait analysis force measurement.

The Teaching and Learning Centre of the Faculty of Sport and
Health Sciences of the TUM

A special feature of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at TUM is that there is a Teaching and Learning Centre (LLZ). The LLZ has its own Vicon system for training students. In combination with force plates, EMG and a treadmill, students can be offered a broad spectrum.

The following projects, among others, have been carried out at the LLZ by students:

  • Investigation of sensorimotor control during the low jump
  • Kinematic analysis of various teakwondo kicks

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