prophysics – Referenzkunde FH St. Pölten
Emphasis at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten

FH St. Pölten GmbH is an Austrian university of applied sciences based in St. Pölten. It offers more than 3,700 students degree programmes in the fields of railway technology & mobility, health, information technology & security, digital business & innovation, media & digital technology and social sciences. As a European University, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences leads the European university alliance E³UDRES² (Engaged and Entrepreneurial European University as Driver for European Smart and Sustainable Regions) and works together with universities from Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Latvia, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands to create sustainable teaching formats and develop smart and sustainable regions.

Three-dimensional clinical gait and movement analysis: We perform three-dimensional movement analyses in both laboratory settings and in the field. For this we use state-of-the-art motion capturing systems, force plates, a wireless electromyography system, IMUs, and various other sensor technologies.

Applied biomechanics in rehabilitation research: We conduct clinical studies at the interface of applied biomechanics and movement rehabilitation. Our research is primarily aimed at evaluating the added value of digital technologies as support in clinical practice.

AI – “Assistive Intelligence” as support for clinical practice: We develop and evaluate complex machine- and deep-learning algorithms to support medical decision-making or problems in daily clinical routine.

Advanced virtual realities: We combine our real-time motion capture systems with virtual realities to develop biofeedback exergames, clinical test batteries, or educational applications. The needs of patients and clinical experts as potential users are the focus of our research and development.

Recommended products

The compact Vero cameras have sensor resolutions of either 1.3 or 2.2 megapixels. The camera has a variable zoom lens, which makes it especially suited for smaller capture volumes where it is especially important to have an optimum field of view. The Vero’s attractive price combined with its light weight and small size makes it a great choice for smaller labs and studios.

Vicon Nexus has been designed for the requirements and workflow of Life Science users. Data recording and processing can be fully customized to fit your requirements (for example by including your own marker sets and biomechanical models), and then automated so that routine tasks require only a mouse click. Data is hierarchically organized in the data management, and direct interfaces to MATLAB and Python allow data to be processed without the need to export and import data files.

AMTI Optima force plates

The Optima is the flagship among force plates. The patented calibration technology guarantees the highest possible accuracy across the entire surface of the plate – ideal for gait analysis, biomechanical research and other applications where the highest quality data is essential.

prophysics – Referenzkunde FH St. Pölten

Digital Health Lab for the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten

The Digital Health Lab at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten is an interdisciplinary teaching and research laboratory at the interface of health and digital technologies. Prophysics AG has equipped our Digital Health Lab with a Vicon Vero camera system, the Vicon Nexus as well as Shogun software and some AMTI force plates. With this setup, we can explore how innovative technologies can add value to clinical practice in gait and movement analysis and rehabilitation. We have a strong interdisciplinary and integrative approach with patients and clinical experts at the centre of our research.

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