Webinar «Markerless Tracking» Part 1 | CONTEMPLAS Markerless Tracking 3D:
Record any number of videos and refrain from using markers. We are happy to provide you with our proven video cameras from CONTEMPLAS. TEMPLO can take over the captured data directly and start processing it immediately. Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video.

Webinar «Markerless Tracking» Part 2 | CONTEMPLAS Markerless Tracking 2D:
Capture your customers or patients markerless while walking or running and benefit from intelligent and fast data capture and analysis. Save valuable analysis time and gain measurement accuracy. With a single click, the processed tracking data of the recorded analysis is displayed. Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video.

Webinar «Markerless Tracking» Part 3 | VICON Markerless Tracking 3D – Demonstration:
The measurement result from the Theia software is automatically exported to VICON Nexus for biomechanical analysis and report generation. The software supports you both in setting up the cameras and in post-processing the calculated 3D movement data. Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video.

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