Freedom from pain and injury in leisure, sport and work

NUMO specialises in clinical, instrumented and gait analysis of humans with a focus on the visualisation, interpretation and elimination of mechanical dysfunctions of the body.

Freedom from pain and injury in leisure, sport and work are in the foreground at NUMO. The motivated team of orthopaedic technicians, biomechanics and sports and movement scientists uses state-of-the-art technical laboratory equipment for running and gait analyses. Comprehensive counselling and care also includes consultation with doctors and physiotherapists.

In order to improve the gait pattern of patients in the long term, NUMO also offers comprehensive care in the areas of sports, medical care and technical orthopaedics.

Recommended products

The compact Vero cameras are available in 2.2 MP and 1.3 MP versions. Thanks to the vario lens and sensor in 2:1 format (Vero 2.2), these cameras are very versatile and can be flexibly adapted to different shooting volumes/spaces at any time. The price-performance ratio of the Vero series is also unique.

The TEMPLO running analysis offers a systematic examination of the runner's posture and movement based on video analysis. With TEMPLO Clinical Gait Analysis, important parameters of the complex gait movement can be quantified, analysed and documented using various measurement systems (integrated force and pressure measurement systems, EMG, etc.).

OptoGait is an innovative system for gait analysis which ensures an objective evaluation of the data for injury prevention and rehabilitation. OptoGait provides medical professionals, therapists and researchers with an extremely cost-effective portable high-tech laboratory.

Unique sprint track to optimise running technique

The latest development at NUMO consists of a 35-metre long sprint track with 14 integrated infrared and high-speed cameras and 20,000 pressure sensors integrated into the floor. This track can be used barefoot as well as with running shoes or even nail shoes. This set-up is unique in Switzerland. Thanks to this high-tech system, the NUMO team can not only detect malpositions and problems in movement execution, but also work with the athletes to optimise their running technique.

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