Main areas of work and research at the practice clinic Rennbahn AG:

  • Functional-biomechanical diagnostics in the field of Sports orthopaedics and traumatology (isokinetic force measurement, pressure and gait analyses, 3D kinematics, stabilometry, EMG)
  • Running analysis and insole/ running shoe advice
  • Bike and seat position analyses

Typical questions:

  • Causes and therapy of Achilles tendon injuries (incl. therapy courses), Functional testing of knee injuries (especially ACL injuries)
  • Strength ratios and muscle activity in hip/groin problems and shoulder injuries
  • Ankle orthoses: Testing and development, football and running shoe research

The special experience and knowledge of the racecourse clinic

  • Holistic concept in close cooperation with doctors and physiotherapy
  • Functional search for causes of injuries
  • Criteria-based, progressive rehabilitation build-up on the Based on biomechanical testing
Recommended Products

Vantage is Vicon’s flagship range of cameras. The sensors have resolutions of 5, 8 and 16 megapixels, with sample rates up to 2000Hz – this allows you to capture fast movements with very high accuracy. The cameras also have built-in temperature and bump sensors, as well as a clear display, to warn you if cameras have moved physically or due to thermal expansion. High-powered LEDs and sunlight filters mean that the Vantage is also the best choice for outdoor use and large volumes.

The gait analysis on the treadmill allows the observation of the human gait in different walking speeds with a high number of step repetitions. Depending on the application, the treadmill analysis center FDM-T can record several gait cycles at constant or changing walking speeds. At the same time, it covers all other applications around the analysis of gait behavior – from stance, to rolling, to gait analysis.

The Cometa Pico (EMG) sensors are small, light-weight and have on-board storage to allow measurements in the field. Easy to attach and easy to charge, the long battery life, the high signal-to-noise ratio and the wireless range are other features that make the aktos the best EMG system on the market today.

Sport-specific movement analysis – Breakdance

Breakdance is a young sport and in the breaker scene a lot of the learning of movement is based on the trial and error principle – without ever having a detailed analysis of the movement. And this despite the fact that the movements consist of a sequence of many complex movement elements.

The racecourse clinic therefore launched the «Capture Breakdance» project in cooperation with one of the world’s best B-boys. The biomechanical investigation focused on four power moves (airflares, headspin, flares, ninty niners), as these can often be incorporated and performed repetitively.

The aim was, on the one hand, to quantify the stress in terms of prevention measures, and to determine the core elements of successful exercise.

Thanks to the 3D kinematics data, the movement parts could be viewed in isolation and then specifically trained. The realisation that, for example, the flight phase of an air flare is initiated by hip and shoulder extension can be used as concrete instruction in movement learning. Through kinetics, it was possible to recognise which movements put particularly great strain on the musculoskeletal system. For example, up to almost 2 times the body weight acts on an arm in rotation and, on the other hand, the force vector partly runs outside the joint centre. These high-impact phases could be reduced through modified movement execution, which is very important in terms of injury prevention – but of course always taking into account the style element, which is an important part of this sport.

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