Focus of Quantum Stage

Performance capture, also widely known as motion capture, is a tracking method in which movements are recorded, analysed and processed. This method offers an enormous application potential and is indispensable in areas such as clinical research, performance diagnostics, object tracking but also animation and virtual reality.

Quantum Stage is based in the animation / virtual reality world and covers a wide range of tasks. It starts with pre-production, extends through production to post-production and includes the entire technical set-up. The following tasks are specifically covered:

– Planning the shooting
– Crew support, talent acquisition / training
– Props and preparation of the scenery
– Preparing characters and virtual sets for real-time previews

– State-of-the-art motion capture volume (40 m2, 8 x 5 metres, ceiling height of 3.7 metres)
– Motion capture of up to 5 actors simultaneously
– Reference videos, multiple angles
– Performance capture (body, face, fingers and audio for up to two actors)
– Data acquisition and recording of all systems involved
– Troubleshooting and quality assurance

– Sort and prepare data
– Data collection and cleansing
– Retargeting
– Movement editing
– Real-time rendering and previz (Unity, Unreal)

– True-to-life optical tracking with Vicon cameras
– Inertial tracking with Perception Neuron Studio (Xsens systems available on request)
– Realistic finger tracking with Strechsense gloves
– Face recognition with iPhone / ARKit and Facegood
– Wireless sound recording
– Greenscreen
– Tracked 4K Reference Video Camera
– Stage props, stunt mats and various rigging material
– 10 GBit/s Internet upload for remote productions
– Cloud data server for post-production

Recommended products

The compact Vero cameras have sensor resolutions of either 1.3 or 2.2 megapixels. The camera has a variable zoom lens, which makes it especially suited for smaller capture volumes where it is especially important to have an optimum field of view. The Vero’s attractive price combined with its light weight and small size makes it a great choice for smaller labs and studios.

Vicon Nexus has been designed for the requirements and workflow of Life Science users. Data recording and processing can be fully customized to fit your requirements (for example by including your own marker sets and biomechanical models), and then automated so that routine tasks require only a mouse click. Data is hierarchically organized in the data management, and direct interfaces to MATLAB and Python allow data to be processed without the need to export and import data files.

Shogun has been designed for the requirements and workflow of VFX/Entertainment users. The focus is to save time, and this is achieved by doing as much in real time as possible. To this end, Shogun introduces unique features such as real time actor calibration, automatic recovery of bumped cameras and unbreakable solving – the latter enables you to get a good skeletal solve even when a high proportion of markers is occluded, which again minimizes clean-up time afterwards.

Swiss Performance Capture and Virtual Production Studio

Since 2021, prophysics AG has been supporting Quantum Stage with technical issues. Quantum Stage uses 12 Vicon Vero V2.2 cameras, Vicon Shogun, hand tracking from Stretch Sense and Facetracking. This technique makes it possible to capture various movements of actors in real time and transform them directly into avatars by means of a computer. These can then be used in videos but also in games.

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