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Updated information and downloads on Vicon products

Vicon provides on its website updated Quick Start Guides, User Manuals and other detailed information on the latest Vicon hardware and software.

Vicon Documentation

I have a problem with my measurement system

If you have an urgent problem with your hardware or software, our support team is ready to help. The next available staff member will assist you as soon as possible.

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I need new markers, tape or other accessories

The data quality is influenced by dirty or defective markers. We can provide you with markers in various sizes, adhesive tapes, reflector foil, rigid bodies, MoCap suits, etc.. Please download a full list from the Downloads section.
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Technical information and advice

Do you have questions about your measuring system, like to expand it or are you planning a new laboratory? We would be pleased to advise on hardware and software, their interfaces and synchronization options.
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How we invoice support?

Support is a key element of our service, which is why we have a large team ready to assist you. Most users have a support contract that gets renewed every year. If you do not have a contract, we are also able to bill you per hour.
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Remote support via AnyDesk

We use AnyDesk to support you quickly and cheaply directly at your measuring computer. Download AnyDesk (Windows) to your computer here.

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Workshops and trainings

Vicon Nexus beginner and refresher training (in German) of April 2nd and 3rd – cancelled due to the current situation. 

The training for advanced users will take place at the end of September 2020. Do you prefer an individual training at your location or may we support you in creating your own biomechanical models?
Just give us a call: +41 44 315 15 90

Vicon advanced Training

This two-day hardware and software course shows how to efficiently work with Vicon Nexus and answers questions of the participants' daily use. Next training will be held End of September 2020 in Kloten. Secure your place now.
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Individual training courses

Our individual training takes place either directly in your laboratory, at our premises or remotely via TeamViewer. Do you have specific questions and are you looking for an individual solution? Then we tailor-made this training for you.
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Individual model development and reports

Do you need perfectly tailored reports or want to build your own biomechanical model, e.g. for a tennis player with a racket? Our experts will develop the appropriate solution with you.
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Vicon tutorials

Here you can find a selection of the most important operation videos for Vicon Nexus 2 software.

Watch the tutorials

Vicon Nexus Models

  • Cheat Sheet: Plug-in Gait & Conventional Gait Model 2 (CGM2)

    PDF — 683k
  • Plug-in Gait Supplementation for virtual knee alignment

    PDF — 285k
  • Gait analysis with treadmill (upcoming)

    — 0


  • Vicon – which types of cameras are compatible with each other?

    The current generation of Vicon cameras – Vantage, Vero and Vue – are all compatible with the previous generation, the T-Series and Bonita. Note that an upgrade of the Nexus, Tracker or Blade software may be required to ensure full compatibility.

  • Vicon – which camera types can measure outside in sunlight?

    All the Vicon Vantage cameras (V5, V8 and V16) have built-in filters that are designed to filter out the unwanted light from the sun – ensuring that you can take the cameras outside even on a sunny day.

  • Vicon – what are the recommended PC specifications?

    Standard PC for a Vicon System without Reference Video:
    - Intel i7 4-Core 3.2 GHz CPU
    - 16GB RAM
    - nVidia Quadro K600 Graphics Card
    - 1 SSD 240GB hard disk for the operating system
    - 1 standard 2TB hard disk for data
    - Intel I340-T2 network card with 2 ports
    - Win7 / Win10 Professional 64Bit

    Premium PC for a Vicon System with 2 Reference Video Cameras:
    - Intel i7 6-Core 3.2 GHz CPU
    - 16 GB RAM
    - nVidia Quadro K2200 PB, 4GB Graphics Card
    - 3 x 240GB SSD hard disks (1 for Windows, 2 for video data)
    - 1 x standard 2TB hard disk for data
    - Intel I340-T4 network card with 4 ports
    - Win7 / Win10 Professional 64Bit

  • Zebris – what are the recommended PC specifications?

    - Intel Core i5 CPU or similar
    - 4GB RAM
    - Minimum 750GB hard disk
    - 3D Graphics Card with 1GB GDDR RAM or more
    - Graphics Card must be compatible with OpenGL 3.3
    - Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
    - Screen with 1024x768 pixels or more
    - The Graphics Card must support the screen resolution
    - One free USB port per device
    - Windows 7 or 10 (64bit or 32bit), or Windows 8.1 (64bit)
    - .NET4.0

  • Contemplas – how to integrate the supported cameras?

    - USB3: Basler Ace 1920-155 uc 
    – Download the drivers from the Basler homepage
    - GigE: Basler 640-210gc 
    – Download the relevant drivers from the Basler homepage. Pay special attention to the
    installation instructions for the network card!
    - Download from here:

  • Vicon – how can external devices be combined with the Vicon System?

    DThe hardware from 3rd party providers (EMG, EEG, force plates) that have analogue output can be directly connected to the analogue input ports in the Vicon Lock+. If no analogue output exists, or if a digital integration is preferred, the Vicon Nexus software can also integrate directly with several digitally connected devices, for example from myon, AMTI, Kistler and Ergoneers. Please contact us for more details.


  • Markers and accessories – overview and price list EUR

    PDF — 722k
  • Markers and accessories – overview and price list CHF

    PDF — 673k
  • Support Offers prophysics flyer

    PDF — 421k
  • Prophysics training – detailed information

    PDF — 715k
  • TEMPLO basic manual

    PDF — 939k

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